Asset Documentation Units operational in all six cities

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The Wastewater Management Programme has now established Asset Documentation Units (ADU) in all six programme cities.
The ADU have been equipped with hardware and tailor-made software solutions that enable the companies to manage their assets in a more effective way. Staff of the companies have been trained both theoretically and practically, and will be receiving follow-up and refresher trainings in the future in order to ensure the sustainability of the investments.Screenshot_of_ADSScreenshot of the Asset Documentation Software 
GIS-linked databases are the core elements of the ADU. The companies are now enabled to collecting, process and evaluate information about their waste water facilities and assets, such as

  • Location of assets
  • Description of technical features
  • Dimensions
  • Material
  • Year of construction
  • Condition
  • History of O&M works
  • etc. 

 Data will be gathered and updated during regular O&M works in the drainage network.

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